Goodbye scanner, hello macro lens for smartphone

Something I like about stamps is taking my time to look for varieties and errors. Those small details that has escaped to other people during either a little or a lot of time. For this, I have always needed a scanner to magnify and archive the images…not anymore! I’m saying goodbye to my good old friend and bringing in a new pal: This macro lens for smartphone.

This macro lens for smartphone magnifies up to 12x which is more than macro lens for smartphoneenough for studying stamps and errors. To adjust it to the smartphone, all you need to do is use the clip. It will hold the lens steady and won’t damage your smartphone. This will help you have a digital magnifier wherever you go.

Unlike to other lenses, the high quality german glass used for the Xenovo lens provides crystal clear images from edge to edge with no dark corners. Also, say goodbye to blurry and confusing photos. With this lens you won’t miss any detail on your stamps, coins, banknotes or any other collectible you want to study!

What makes this lens so great is that you can preview the pics on your cell phone right after taking them. No need to be at home to see magnified stamps.

But what happens if you’re in an environment with low light? Well, this lens comes with a GlowClip LED light that clips ANYWHERE on your phone to instantly illuminate your subject and surroundings with warm continuous light. The warm and natural LED light is superior to your smartphone’s built in flash—which can be blinding and unnatural—especially in darker settings and venues. FEATURES 3 BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS: Low, Medium and High. Say goodbye to frustrating photo “retakes” and hello to brilliant photos the first time.

It comes with a carrying case, perfect for taking your lens kit and LED light with you on the fly. The DuraCase stores and protects all lens kit components snugly and safely while the quick-release lanyard is the perfect way to carry your lenses on your next outing. Just drape the lanyard and lens around your neck. The quick-release head makes it a cinch to detach your lens and clip it to your phone in a flash so you never miss another photo moment.

Goodbye scanner, hello macro lens for smartphone!

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