Costa Rica Scott 147 Lindbergh Surcharge Reprints For Sale!

This lithograph stone had been stored since the 1970s. It was about time for it to see the light again!

After Charles Lindbergh became the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean flying, his fame took him on the “Good Will Tour”. Costa Rica was one of many stops.

At the end of 1927, the Costa Rican government commissioned Antolín Chinchilla to create the official surcharge’s lithograph stone of 100 positions. At the same time, he used the original die to create a smaller one of 25 positions.

This 25 positions lithograph stone is known as a private lithograph stone.

I was lucky enough to purchase this RARE item. Maybe because I insisted enough, but definitely because of a great philatelist’s great heart.

After purchasing this lithograph stone, I started looking for someone who would be able to make reprints using the same methods from that time.

After almost 2 years I was able to find the right people!

These prints are made using lithographic techniques in a manual and meticulous way.

They’re printed in two colors (red and blue), and they’re limited to 50 numbered copies each.

They’re printed with the best inks and on acid-free paper.

The price is $65 per sheet (red or blue) or $120 per pair (red + blue). Registered airmail shipping is FREE.

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Lindbergh Reprints

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