Canalías postal card – uprated with coffee promotion stamps 1922

Every single Canalías postal card is difficult to find unused and even more difficult used.

What’s the origin of the Canalias postal cards?

According to Enrique Bialikamien’s book “Tarjetas postales de 1923”, in 1920 printers María v. de Lines and Antonio Canalías ordered several postal cards with different designs to a german printer.

During 1921 and 1922 they were sold as souvenirs, but apparently the quantities printed were more than what they projected to sell.

In early 1923, Mr. Canalías decided to negotiate with the Costa Rican government the use of such postcards. To make them an official and legal release, they proceeded to surcharge all postcards. The surcharge consisted of a coffee tree with the legends “Correos de Costa Rica” on top and ” 4 céntimos” at the bottom. Also a coffee promotion legend at the center of the postal card that reads “Drink Costa Rican coffee – The finest in the world”.

About this postcard

This Canalías postal card has a picture depicting workers loading bananas to a ship.

Canalías postal card

In addition to the coffee plant surcharge, this Canalías postal card has two 4-céntimos 1910’s issue stamps overprinted with coffee bags.

Canalías postal card

It was sent from Turrialba in June 22nd, 1923 to Germany. It also has a San José transit mark, but the date is not clear.

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