Costa Rica Stamps: Air Mail Surcharges With Fallen Bar

Errors are a consistent part of surcharges and overprints in Costa Rica’s philately. Fallen bars being an interesting variation. Keep on reading to find more about the airmail surcharges with fallen bars.

As a consequence of a lack of 15 cent stamps, on June 1st, 1947, the government approved the surcharge (in black and red) of the values from the 1945-6 presidents issue. The surcharge is quite simple. It reads ₡0.15 over the original stamp value.

As in most Costa Rican surcharges and overprints, there are errors.

For this issue, we can say that there are 2 main errors. The first one: inverted surcharges. The second one (and the one we’ll discuss here): the fallen bar.

fallen bar

This fallen bar is not hard to see at plain sight. This error reads “l₡0.15”. It is located in position number 45 in the pane and appears in all values. According to different reports, 1,000 of these were printed on each value. And are still quite difficult to obtain.

These have been found postally used, even rarer!

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