The best way to store and handle full stamp panes

If you’re a stamp collector like me, it doesn’t matter if they’re FDCs, single stamps, errors, postal history or postcards, you want them all! But there are some items that are a little harder to manage: full panes -or sheets if you prefer-. And the same question always pops up: What’s the best way to store and handle full stamp panes nowadays?

store and handle full stamp panes

Since there are several shapes of stamps, the full panes vary in size, but fortunately most of them are similar size, so there’s a range to play with. Also depending on the paper, gum and exposure to the elements -even though if we try to avoid it- some full panes are more delicate and fragile than others.

Believe me, I have tried several options and methods store and handle full stamp panes so far, and these clear protective storage bags are the best ones, not only for storage the full panes, but to protect and handle them as well.

store and handle full stamp panes

So, why do I recommend these clear protective storage bags? Easy, let me just explain it:

  • The size is big enough to storage the most common full pane sizes. The size is 24 2/5 inch (61 cm) L x 18 1/2 inch (47 cm) W.
  • They are acid Free & Durable. these are designed for keeping photos, document, paper (stamps) or other important items from dust and moisture for large periods of time.
  • Real crystal clear material. These thin and transparent plastic bags will let you fully appreciate your full panes while protecting them.
  • You can reuse them. These protective bags have a re-sealable and easy to manage adhesive strip on the flap that lets you take out your full stamp panes, put another in and re seal the bag without loosing any adhesive on the back.
  • Easy to clean. If there are marks and or strokes on the outside, just wipe with a tissue or towel to remove them.
  • You won’t believe the price for 25 of these bags!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to store and handle full stamp panes!

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