Incredible cover from San José to Kenya in 1926

Cover from San José to Kenya. During 1924 there was a change in the postage rates and therefore the need for new stamps arose.

Registration for non-UPAE countries was one of the rates that was affected. It went from 20 céntimos to 25 céntimos, converting the total amount of postage + registration from 40 céntimos to 45 céntimos.

During this period, there was a lack of stamps to cover this rate. This is when the Costa Rican government ordered an issue of 4 surcharge values (100,000 each) to supply all post offices while the definitive issue arrived.

Covers with these surcharges are not easy to get. And if we add a difficult destination to the equation, the result can be as incredible as follows:

This cover was sent from San José Kenya, specifically Nairobi! It was posted on August 27th, 1926 in San José. There is a registration label attached to the front and written “via London”. What a beauty!

It arrived for transit at London on September 14th and has a received mark in Nairobi on october 4th.

Cover from San José to Kenya

This is the only cover from this surcharge issue sent to an african country reported.

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