Postcard with Mixed Franking 1910 Issue and 1911 Surcharge/Overprint

Postcards with mixed franking from this period are really hard to find.

Some time ago I was lucky enough to find an amazing postcard with mixed franking from the 1910 issue, one surcharge and one overprint from 1911.

It’s very common to find postcards with either stamps from the 1910 issue or with 1911 overprints. However, postcards with 1911 surcharges or mixed franking are very elusive.

In this case, I’m talking about a postcard sent from San Jose to Milan, Italy on November 23rd, 1911. It has a hand stamp that reads via New Orleans. The postcard depicts a view from San Jose’s central avenue (avenida central).

postcard with mixed franking
postcard with mixed franking

The stamps used on this postcard are: Scott 69, 1910’s issue 1 centimo stamp; Scott 80, 1911 overprint over 1907’s 2 centimos stamp and Scott 86, 2 centimos surcharge over 10 centimos telegraph stamp.

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