Guanacaste Overprint Variety “A” Without Middle Bar

Guanacaste Overprint Variety
Third A looking like an inverted V

A very nice Guanacaste Overprint variety.

In 1885 the Costa Rican Government decided to give Guanacaste a percentage discount of the stamp sales in that province. In order to control those sales, the government decided to overprint stamps with the legend “Guanacaste”.

Issued in 1889, this Guanacaste Overprint described as G12 and issued on Bernardo Soto’s issue has several varieties. In this case, a very nice one.

This Guanacaste overprint variety consists of the third “A” not having the horizontal bar, making it look like an inverted “V”.

As far as I have read, this variety has not been reported before.

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