Costa Rica Stamps: Unique Jesús Jiménez Issue Usage To Algeria

During the 1920’s is very rare to find Costa Rica stamps used in correspondence to Africa.

Recently came to my hands one of those extremely rare piece of Costa Rica stamps’ postal history from the 1920’s.

A beautiful postcard depicting passengers getting into a train to depart from Limón to San José. That’s nice, but there’s a rarer factor to it. It has a 2 céntimos Jesús Jiménez stamp and was sent to Algeria!

Let’s begin explaining it one detail at a time:

  • The Jesús Jiménez issue circulated for only 6 months. It was demonetized in December 31st, 1923. This postcard was sent in July 28th, 1928 from Limón.
  • The postcard has another stamp, the 10 céntimos from the 1910 issue that was also demonetized at the end of 1923. It is a common mistaken belief that this issue was demonetized before 1923.
  • This is the only piece of postal history with a Jesús Jiménez issue stamp sent to Africa! The 2 biggest Jesús Jiménez collections in Costa Rica don’t have any piece of postal history sent to Africa.
  • It has the arriving mark at Algeria. It was a common practice not to hand-stamp postcards at the arriving country during the early 1900’s.
Jesús Jiménez Issue
Jesús Jiménez Issue

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