Costa Rica Stamps – New Error Reported: Flag Without Upper Blue Stripe

Better known as the “flags issue”, this is the commemorative issue for the 1941 Central American and Caribbean Soccer Championship, with Scott numbers 201-208. It consists of the base engraved in different colors and then the flags from the participant countries were lithographed.

There are several errors and varieties known for this issue, for example, shifted colors, ink excess, and mirror impressions. But until now there were no known errors of color from a flag being partially removed. Sounds weird, of course, it does! And it happened on the 5 céntimos stamp. Specifically on position number 94. The stamp, for any configuration reason in the final die, has the Costa Rica flag without the upper blue stripe.

Flag Without Upper Blue Stripe

Is this error constant? Very good question! From what I was able to investigate (with the available panes) is that on the panes from the other values this error is not present, but this doesn’t discard it to be present on more 5 céntimos panes. If you have material from this issue, I’d appreciate to let me know if you find this error.

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