Scott 82a “Habilitada” instead of “Habilitado”

The stamp Scott 82 consist in the 5 céntimos from the 1907 issue overprinted “Habilitado 1911”. It’s true there are plenty of varieties/errors in this issue, but there are just a few that really catch philatelist’s eye.

Scott 82a is one of those. Instead of reading “Habilitado 1911” it reads “Habilitada 1911″. It’s hard to think this is a common mistake since the “a” and the “o” used in this overprint don’t look alike. In my opinion, this is the result of someone’s will to mess with the plate or maybe, just maybe the printers ran out of “o”.

In the end -the philatelic end- it doesn’t matter. Why? Because it’s a really nice error!

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