Costa Rica Stamps – Central America independence issue gorgeous die proof

In 1921, the Costa Rican government decided to Issue a stamp celebrating the 100th anniversary of Central America’s independence. This by the decree #13 of March 2nd, 1920 and #26 of September 7th, 1921. This stamp started circulating in September 15th, 1921. G. Prudhomme was hired to design the stamp.

Until now, the only proof known was an imperforated plate proof…until now!

A couple weeks ago, from nowhere, appeared the most gorgeous die proof I have ever seen in the history of Costa Rica stamps. It is sunk in cardboard and printed in black. It’s the die proof for the Central American independence issue. And if this wasn’t enough, the die proof was signed by Prudhomme himself…absolutely AMAZING!

gorgeous die proof

After studying it and examining the issued stamp, I can deduct the die proof is the final one.

gorgeous die proof

The only difference between the die proof and the issued stamp is in the lower left corner. On the die proof, there is a sign, like a J and a P together. On the issued stamp, does not appear.

gorgeous die proof

In December 31st, 1921 the issue was demonetized.

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