Errors From The Jesus Jimenez Issue

Errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue that can be found are: shifted perforations, natural paper folds and mirror impressions.

Approved by the decree #6 of January 12th, 1923. The Jesus Jimenez issue was the third stamp issue printed in Costa Rica by Litografia Nacional. And it’s key to state that quality wasn’t a component at the Litografia Nacional. Therefore, we can find some very interesting errors from the Jesus Jimenez Issue.

First, perforations. We can find some crazy stuff! Double and shifted perforations. Apparently the perforation machines used during that time by Litografia Nacional and the people operating them were the ingredients for the perfect-philatelic-storm. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at these examples:

errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue

errors from the Jesus Jimenez issueerrors from the Jesus Jimenez issue

errors from the Jesus Jimenez issueNow you understand what I mean, right? And the best thing is it isn’t the end of the errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue.

Probably the most common errors in this issue are the mirror impressions. Basically, it consist on fresh-non-dried ink that transfers to the pane above it, creating an impression on the gum.

errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue

And last, but also my favorite of the errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue…natural paper folds.

Natural paper folds consist in the paper being folded before the stamp gets printed. After printed, the paper unfolds or gets unfolded, generating white sections on the stamp where there should be ink. For a better idea, see the images below.

errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue

errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue

If you have other errors from the Jesus Jimenez issue not mentioned here, please send me an email to I will be more than glad to share it with everyone.

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Costa Rica: pics of stamps – lots of pictures

pics of stamps

Are you that kind of philatelic enthusiast that likes to surf the web looking for pics of stamps from time to time?

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You can browse our albums of surface mail stamps, air mail stamps, semi postal stamps, Christmas stamps and proofs. If you like cancellations on stamps, there’s an album too. Also we have albums for postal history and postcards. At last but not least the “errors” albums will take your breath away.

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Costa Rica Stamps – Incredible cover with Scott 111k “VD” instead “UD” coffee promotion

For no reason the issues from the early 1920’s are hard to find used on cover. The most difficult to find on cover is Scott 111J which consist in an overprint for coffee promotion that reads “COMPRE UD. CAFE DE COSTA RICA”. There are only 13 covers known with that stamp.

Scott 111J has an error (position 72): instead of “UD” it reads “VD”. Some people say it was made on purpose some say that it’s a legit error -that will be addressed in another post-.

So, what are the chances that if only 13 covers are known, one of them has the stamp with this error? Low, very low.

The nice thing about the mentioned cover is that it doesn’t have 1 stamp, it has a block of 4! and if that wasn’t amazing enough, it also has the 20 Cts from the Jesus Jimenez issue!

coffee promotion