Costa Rica Stamps: Museo Nacional Postal Card

It has happened to us all: when you think you know it all, something appears and hits you with the awful truth: you know nothing! That happened to me the first time I saw this Museo Nacional Postal Card.

Let’s start by first describing it:

Museo Nacional Postal Card


This postal card’s design is very basic. It has Costa Rica coat of arms on the top left corner. In tHe center it reads: Tarjeta Postal – UNION POSTAL UNIVERSAL – COSTA RICA. On the top right corner is a picture of a pre-columbian artifact. Below is a dotted line to write the address.

Museo Nacional Postal CardOn the back, there’s a form to be filled to notify the issues the museum received.

This museo nacional postal card was sent to the Netherlands in 1951 to notify the reception of a botanical publication. There are some things to highlight. It has the seal from the museum, making it an “official postal card”. If it’s an official postal card, it shouldn’t need to pay for postage which it did. It has a meter cancelation.

There is not much literature on this postal card. There are other two tones known: light green and pink. As far as I have been able to investigate, there’s no clear issue date, nor valid time to be used.

All we can do is to investigate more and wait for more info to hit the surface. Meanwhile, let’s just admire this beautiful piece of Costa Rica philately.

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Costa Rica: pics of stamps – lots of pictures

pics of stamps

Are you that kind of philatelic enthusiast that likes to surf the web looking for pics of stamps from time to time?

Well, here I am to help you! I know that looking at stamps can be hypnotizing. I know that once you start, you’ll leave your computer until you saw the last one.

I’ve been a Costa Rica stamp collector for over 20 years. And i’m pretty sure I never get tired of looking at stamps.

That’s why Estampillascr’s Facebook page has more than 1,500 pics of stamps…Costa Rica stamps. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, we have plenty! We divided them in several sections, so it would be easier for you to browse them.

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If by any chance you don’t find the stamp you were looking for, don’t panic! Just let me know and I will help you finding it.

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Uprated Canalias postal card: a real gem!

In 1923 an agreement between Antonio Canalias and the Costa Rica government consisted in Canalias would surcharge postcards with a coffee allegory surcharge. Paying the government for each postal card sold.

There’s no need to say that these postal cards are really hard to find unused, very hard to find used and extremely hard to find uprated.

Here, we present you a real gem: consist of a picture PC of the Northern Railway station, but that’s not it. It’s uprated with Scott 112 (Jesus Jimenez’s 2 Cts) and Scott 120 (Correos’ building 5 Cts). A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!