The importance of measuring perforations in stamps

It is true that when we all started collecting stamps, perforations were not part of our main concerns. As we evolved as philatelists -and learned more- we realized that perforations do are important. But not only that they are not damaged, but the importance of measuring perforations and understanding the different posible combinations in a stamp.

So, what is the importance of measuring perforations in stamps?

I will respond to that question using 2 different Costa Rica stamps as an example.

the importance of measuring perforations

Let’s use the 1907 issue first. Specifically, the 4 céntimos stamp. The regular issued stamp has 11×14 perforation with a catalog value of $12. This same stamp with 14×14 perforation has a catalog value of $500. Do you get my point?

Another example is Scott 94 with a catalog value of $100 for the regular 11×14 stamp and $300 for the 14×14 one. the impotance of measuring perforations

Since this is a surcharge, errors exist. The 11×14 stamp with the “correos” inverted error has a value of $2.000. The importance of measuring perforations

Guess what? That same error with 14×14 perforation doesn’t even have an estimated price! Only 2 are rumored to exist!!!

You may have a very expensive stamp without knowing it. It is just a matter of understanding the possible perforation variations that your stamps can have and start measuring them.

Do you know the importance of measuring perforations in stamps now?

In order to measure stamps you can use any of the following tools:

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Costa Rica Stamps – Emergency Surcharge Over The 1946 Soccer Issue

Because of the lack of 15 céntimos stamps during the first months of 1947, the government decided to issue an emergency surcharge on 45.000 stamps of each value from the 1946 Central America & the Caribbean Soccer Championship issue.

The surcharge reads “Habilitado para ₡0.15 Decreto No. 16 de 28 de abril de 1947” in 4 lines. It comes in panes of 50.

This beautiful surcharge, despite of being over 70 years old, has not being studied as much as it deserves.

So, trying to honor these Costa Rica stamps, I decided to make a study of this emergency surcharge which I share with you now.

Emergency Surcharge

Pos. Comments
4 ₡ symbol line broken
5 ₡ symbol line broken
6 ₡ symbol line broken. Thin “H”.
7 ₡ symbol line broken
8 ₡ symbol line broken
9 Broken “l” in “abril”
10 ₡ symbol line broken
11 Broken “8” in “28”
13 ₡ both symbol broken
18 ₡ symbol line broken
19 ₡ symbol line broken
22 ₡ symbol line broken
23 ₡ symbol line broken
27 ₡ symbol line broken
28 ₡ symbol line broken
30 ₡ symbol line broken
31 Ink stain diagonal to “1” in “1947”
32 ₡ symbol line broken
33 ₡ both symbol broken
37 ₡ symbol line broken
38 Ink dot under “o” in “Habilitado”
39 ₡ both symbol broken
41 ₡ symbol line broken
42 ink dot inside “6” in “16”
45 Line over “Habilitado”
48 ₡ symbol line broken

For this kind of studies, we recommend the following tools: